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First off I want to take a minute just to add the expenses of a Reputable Breeder( I know I will forget something)

Registration for your Dam and Sire and if you have multiple Estimated $120

Registration for litters estimated $180

Vet sick visits Estimated $600 if multiple dogs

Vet well visits and vaccinations and preventions $900 plus yearly

Grooming $ 3600 yearly or do it yourself

Food $1600 or more yearly if you consider pregnant and lactating females

Crates and bedding $300

Supplies $500

Litter supplies $400

puppy first vet visit (twice yr) depending on each litter sized $350

puppy pads $100

Now lets add puppy training for litter which is breeders valuable time which you can't put a price on time because every breeder may use different programs or ideas to help make your pup the best fit for your family and a well balanced life for the puppy. $$$$$$$$$$$



Thats a lot of money for the average person who loves their dogs and enjoys raising puppies and providing a family with a quality family pet. I understand their are some breeders where you can get a $200-300 dog or less and I know this isn't every situation but most instanes I have witnessed this is when someone has a dog and is not responsible neighbors dog visits while dog is in heat and you end up with pups you were not expecting. No money for vet visits most of the time the dog will whelp outside and pups are on ground from birth. You can get this dog and it may be best pet you ever had then it either comes down with some disease or cancer because their was no genetic testing to make sure your not raising a dog to only die a short death. You may even get it home and it die from Parvo or some other illness because its not had proper vaccinations. Then you have a dog you may pay $600-900 maybe even $1200 but thats not outrageous when you consider expenses and you are getting exactly what you are looking for and quality dog. That you know has been loved and cared for in the best way. So I know there are some prices out there that are OUTRAGEOUS which are to me $3000 plus! I don't know the reasoning behind these prices maybe there is a reason that I don't know about or they have people who are willing to pay that price. That is fine but the average family can't pay that without going broke, sacrificing bills or food who knows just to afford that dog. I say research your breeder, get references from previous buyers and information on their dog and its health. Take your dog to vet soon after getting it to make sure all is well. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and get the pet you have always wanted without going broke. Decent price may require you to save some money aside ahead of time and be prepared to make the commitment. You have to be a responsible pet owner as well and provide that dog with a loving home and provide it the life it deserves. There is a lot of discussion on this subject and lots of opinions. I know there are homeless dogs in shelters and that crosses my mind every day. We have owned rescues and they have been wonderful dogs. Its a choice that every future pet owner will make and neither is wrong! Don't be embarrassed or ashamed on how you choose to acquire your pet. Just know it will give you its life and love for all the years it has! Have a blessed day and love your pets!

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