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FROM 1 TO 4 How it all happened

Our journey started when we got our first toy poodle when our children (4) were young

and wanted that family pet to raise with them. Butterbean was his name and was with us

for 14yrs. and died of cancer. Before he passed we had got a standard poodle (Charlie) as

a companion for Bean. They got along great and Charlie was very upset at the passing of his

new friend. We never bred Bean although I wish we had. So with Charlie I just wanted to have a offspring from him to keep. So upon researching on fb much to my surprise their

is ALOT of groups dedicated to poodles and doodles and puppies and breeding. So we

had bred Charlie for the first time and while waiting on those puppies my impatience won and we came upon a black/white parti (Connor) that had not been picked up and was available at a reduced price so we got him. He has been full force and everything in between

since day 1. Then Charlies pups were born and we got our first golden doodle (River).

He doesn't look anything like his dad but has some of his qualities. So we have a couple others running around that our pups of a couple young people that are staying with us at

this time. Now since all that, Charlie has became quite the Stud!! He has sired 4 litters this

past year and has 4 coming up before end of year! Who knew everyone loves Chocolate!

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