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A day in the life of 11 dogs

So its early morning and all inside dogs are awake and ready to start day at 5:30am. So for all our dogs inside we usually let them out 2 at a time, it just seems easier that way. That takes about a hour. We have their food waiting and put them all up. Then feed outside dogs in kennels and let them run outside their kennel to get some exercise and play. Then we feed and clean up after pups if we have any and that takes about 2 hours. By that time we sit down to rest and let some of the inside dogs out in the house to play and cuddle. Then before you know its time to do rounds again. At this time we try to let some of the inside dogs play with the outside dogs and get some exercise. Then nap time for dogs and pups. Repeat process before and this is considered last walk before bedtime. They all get special attention before bedtime and some sleep with us or my son. I explained our day to show you its not easy at all. We want socialization and exercise and health to be our main concern.I can't imagine our lives without any of these dogs! They are all different and serve a different purpose in my family lives. Before getting a pup just know its a lot of responsibility and no time for yourself. Happy Paws day

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